Infrared therapy

Between detox, relaxation, and recovery, infrared therapy is a proven method for its benefits on the body. Its process is simple: the infrared rays penetrate the skin deeply, warming the tissues and triggering a series of beneficial responses.


Muscle relaxation

Infrared therapy contributes to muscle relaxation by increasing blood circulation and reducing tension. It is an ideal solution for those seeking relief from muscle and joint pain.


Increased perspiration during an infrared therapy session promotes the elimination of toxins, contributing to overall better health.

Traffic improvement

Infrared rays stimulate blood circulation, which can help reduce blood pressure and improve the cardiovascular system.

Benefits on the mind

Reduction of stress

Known for its soothing effects on the nervous system, infrared therapy can help reduce stress and nerve tension.

Energy boost

By improving blood circulation, infrared therapy contributes to the oxygenation of cells, which can stimulate energy and vitality.

Improvement of sleep

Infrared therapy promotes the production of melatonin, an essential hormone for restful sleep.